Alex Marlow Podcast EP: 81

Definitive Breakdown of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine, Guest: Robert Alt on How to Fight COVID-1984 Mandates

We open today’s show with all the news you need on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Alex explains how his thinking evolved over the past couple weeks. In essence, when it became clear the West would do virtually nothing to stop Putin, especially Big Joey The Biden, he ultimately decided it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Alex posits that globalism is leaving both America and Europe vulnerable and notes that there’s also blood on the hands of the establishment media. The West seems consistently overmatched when dealing with Eastern dictators and this time it’s the Ukrainian people who are suffering for it. Alex then offers what he believes is Putin’s end game – or at least his short-term end game. We all can guess what the long-term goal is for KGB Vlad. Our guest today is Robert Alt of The Buckeye institute, the quintessential Ohio conservative think tank. He’s representing a DC restaurant owner who has been targeted for his refusal to enforce anti-science mandates. His client, Eric Flannery, whose business has been targeted by the totalitarians is using the courts to fight back. Alt gives us the details on the case and explains why this a hill worth dying on. Plus, our caller of the day, “Off the Grid” Tom from Maine.

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