Alex Marlow Podcast EP: 83

‘WALK TOWARD THE FIRE’ – The Legacy of Andrew Breitbart, Debut Song with Nashville Legend Jeffrey Steele, Plus James O’Keefe

Today’s episode is one we’ve been anticipating for months: we celebrate the life and legacy of Andrew Breitbart 10 years since his sudden passing. Alex was Andrew’s first employee when he began his media empire about 14 years ago. He summarizes some of the key ideas and character traits embodied by Andrew, the founder of Breitbart News. Andrew used his signature tactics of jocularity and righteous indignation, as well as a killer news nose and keen eye for talent, to inspire conservative Americans to fight back and have fun while doing it. Alex shares some “war stories” and lessons learned from his boss and mentor. Two guests today, both of whom discuss what Andrew meant to them. James O’Keefe, guerrilla journalist extraordinaire and founder of Project Veritas, reminisces about breaking the ACORN child prostitution/money laundering investigation with Andrew, who orchestrated it brilliantly, as well as the origins the MSM’s O.G. new media nemesis: Retracto, the Correction Alpaca. Then, Nashville legend Jeffrey Steele debuts a new song, “Walk Toward the Fire,” about Andrew himself. Let’s make sure it’s a hit!

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