Alex Marlow Podcast EP: 80

Minor Incursion? Yeah, No – Russia Invades Ukraine, Fallout for Big Joey, Guest: Sen. Marsha Blackburn

So it begins. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is underway. The overall weakness of the Brandon Administration allowed Putin to authorize the go-ahead for his troops to move into Ukraine. The establishment media now feeds us ‘sobering’ images of missiles, helicopters, tanks and troops heading west toward Ukraine’s major urban areas where they will seemingly strangle the country into submission. But what will be the U.S. response? What about NATO? The UN? Is Taiwan next? Is this a new world order? Is the establishment media culpable? Jerome Hudson explains how we got here. Guest Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), a member of the Senate Armed Services Cmte., joined the podcast as well to offer her take on the initial war moves by Russia. We switch gears with our second guest, Ivan Andarza, from the Hispanic Republicans of Texas who gave a status report of what’s happening in Texas on the political/election front and what November could look like from the Hispanic community’s standpoint.

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