Alex Marlow Podcast EP: 74

It’s Russian Invasion Day! Brace for… Nothing! Guest: Monica Crowley on How to Stop Bidenflation

On today’s podcast, we begin with a big “I told ya so” as Russia has confirmed there isn’t imminent war with Ukraine. This didn’t stop Big Joey Biden from delivering a tough guy speech, yet again threatening Putin. Breitbart (and Breitbart News Daily) got this one right while the rest of the media, even many conservatives, air balled this one, big league! Will we get any credit? Maybe from you all! Also, we discuss AOC’s theory that the big city crime wave we’re seeing is due to crooks stealing baby formula – we aren’t sure if she’s joking, but we assume not. Meanwhile, the allegedly moderate mayor of NYC, Eric Adams, has fired over 1,000 workers for not getting the jab. Not very compassionate! Alex explains why that isn’t just authoritarian, it’s also anti-science. We touch on the death of satirist P.J. O’Rourke and give you the latest on Canada’s freedom convoy as well. Plus, even San Francisco is recalling overly woke school board members. Former Deputy Treasury Secretary Monica Crowley is our guest today – a really terrific communicator, who explains the details behind Bidenflation, what she believes the Fed has gotten wrong so far, and what immediate steps a sane country would do to course correct. Finally, our caller of the day says he assembles major league baseball scouts for an unofficial Breitbart News Daily club. How about that?!

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