Alex Marlow Podcast EP: 73

It Was a JOKE! Stupid, Lazy Media Again Distorts Russia/Ukraine Narrative, Guest: Christian Toto on Hollywood’s Rapid Decline

On today’s podcast, Alex breaks down one of the most surreal stories of the year: the entirety of the establishment media’s insistence that Russia is about to invade Ukraine, specifically on February 16 because of an ironic statement made by Ukrainian President Zelensky. You might recall that Zelensky is a professional comic, so maybe that explains the confusion. But it all seems to stem from some (probably) fake news by fake news blog Politico. The Canadian truckers got a big win yesterday with Ontario committing to drop their mandates. Justin Trudeau responded by invoking emergency powers in an unprecedented move. The totalitarianism of the Left again rears it’s head in new, yet entirely expected ways. Next, Sarah Palin’s libel suit against the New York Times was summarily thrown out by a Clinton-appointed judge. Then, we give you the latest on America’s mask schizophrenia, the destruction of our cities, and the disgracefulness of the Beijing Genocide Games. Our guest today is Christian Toto, a veteran of conservative new media, to discuss his book “Virtue Bombs,” which chronicles the relatively rapid yet also seemingly kind of slow descent of Hollywood into ideological wokeism at the expense of art and aesthetics. And our caller of the day, Eric from Pennsylvania, synthesizes EVERYTHING that’s going on.

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