Alex Marlow Podcast EP: 43

Critical Race Theories Explained with Dr. James Lindsay, Taking on Big Tech with JD Vance

Former wunderkind high tech CEO/Wokistan icon Elizabeth Holmes is found guilty of 4 conspiracy and fraud charges in the Theranos corruption trial. It should be another major blow to the credibility of Silicon Valley and the political/media establishment which funded her. But will it have a lasting impact? Any lessons learned? Alex is skeptical. NASCAR won’t allow “Let’s Go” Brandon Brown to have an ad for a “LGB” coin on his race car; Alex thinks it’s emblematic of where no one is allowed to have fun if totalitarians impose rules and regs for power’s sake. Corona schizophrenia gets more extreme by the minute: thousands of schools shut down over Omicron, but the NBA allows unvaccinated Kyrie Irving to play, so long as he’s not playing in NYC…even though he’s on the Brooklyn Nets! All because of “science.” January 6 hype is escalates as Dems ramp up to use the anniversary of the Capitol storming to federalize elections and dismantle existing voting regulations. Will they pull it off? We have 2 guests today: mathematician/anti-woke culture warrior, James Lindsay, explains CRT, queer theory, trans hysteria and other examples of cultural Marxism. And then, Ohio U.S. Senate candidate and “Hillbilly Elegy” author, JD Vance, lays out his plan to crack down on Big Tech.

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