Alex Marlow Podcast EP: 41

Unanswered Ghislaine Maxwell Questions, Gov. Sarah Palin Takes on Big Joey, and Jimmy John’s Founder Christens ‘The Marlow’ Secret Sandwich

Ghislaine Maxwell is guilty, Omicron is here, and Scientist in Chief Joey Biden got walked by his dog on a beach… alone… while he wore a mask. Two epic guests today: Gov. Sarah Palin on dill baby drilling, beating Joe Biden in the 2008 Veep debate, and what you all can be do right now to fight back against the left. Then, Jimmy John Liautaud, the billionaire who conquered the sandwich game with incredible hard-work, infectious energy, and a love of country. He talks to us about how he did it — but most importantly, we Christen a new sandwich on the Jimmy John’s secret menu: The MARLOW!

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