Alex Marlow Podcast EP: 45

January 6: Historic Media Fail? Guest: Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller on Military Wokification

It’s the anniversary of the January the 6th Capitol riot, the single worst day in American history – at least that’s what the media insists. Sadly, some Republicans’ rhetoric isn’t much more responsible: Ted Cruz called it “terrorism” and Bush World (i.e. Karl Rove) tries to capitalize on the opportunity to try to diminish the political clout of Donald Trump and his supporters. What’s the real story of January 6th? Alex suggests it might be the suspension of due process and bastardization of our Constitution. Also, the reverse psychology the Left uses to make sure MAGA country doesn’t get the coronavirus injections is in full flight. Plus, an unvaxxed rising Republican star in her mid-40s and apparently in good health is now dead. And with new cases near record levels, schools are shutting down again, but some on the Left aren’t happy about it this time; there is a simple explanation why, which Alex explains. Big interview today: former Marine Lt. Col. Stu Scheller, who famously resigned and went to jail after delivering a scathing criticism in uniform of what he believes is the deterioration of the culture in our armed forces. He believes this a fundamental threat to the Republic and he holds our woke generals accountable.

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